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What Clients Are Saying

Daniel Palm pic.jpg

I have enjoyed Alan's coaching very much, results focused and caring at the same time. He has a lot of great experience and insights that have been really helpful for me to apply! I have always felt super-comfortable and happy to talk with him about anything and I would recommend his coaching for anyone looking to take the next step in their lives! Alan is genuine, the real deal.

Daniel - Sweden


I worked with Alan at a turning point in my career. What Alan reflected back to me helped me to clarify what was truly going on, why I felt the way I did, and what to do about it. This meant not only did he help me to find clarity in my day to day activities, but longer term he helped me see exactly what I needed to do to feel more fulfilled with my work as well as be more loving and understanding with my husband - previously the two had not matched together! His coaching was strategic and tailored to me. Actionable. Realistic. Practical. I found the homework assignments incredibly useful between sessions. He has a certain gravitas, it resonates in his considered and calm approach. I relished working with him, as not only did it give me belief in what I am capable of, but it also gave me compelling evidence that I was totally capable and just had to get out there and do it! I found a confidence within me that I only accessed because of his pragmatic and articulate coaching.

Joey - UK

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